What is Numesthesia?

 Numesthesia: the condition wherein a person perceives numbers as human.

You see numbers. David sees people, real people, not numbers with little heads and stick arms and legs. Human beings.

He wants to tell you about them. Their hopes, their fears, their desires. Their interactions. Their beliefs, their insecurities, their humanity.

And he wants to tell you about bugs in salad, multiple dimensions, and a self-pleasuring chimpanzee.

Ryan S. Taylor directs That Jerk Kessler in Numesthesia.

Numestheisa, a synesthetic theatrical adventure with live music by multi-instrumentalists Rich O’Meara and Kevin O’Meara will be premiering at the Lab II – Atlas Theatre this July during the 2017 Capital Fringe Festival when Uncle Funsy Productions presents Numesthesia, a comedy that promises to expand your mind. Or not.

Table your expectations.

Numesthesia, it’s another way of looking at the world. How do you perceive your universe?

Multiply your perspective.

Count on it.

Oh yes, we got your number.

at lab II - atlas Performing arts center

1333 H Street, NE, Washington, DC

Tickets on Sale June 19th

A taste of Numesthesia (video by Melissa Arnoff)