What is One Mutual Happiness?

Take one totally unqualified wedding officiant, toss in an innovative composer, mix with four weddings and one prolonged illness. Add a generous scoop or two of laughs and a pinch of salty tears. Marinate, grill, and serve over a deep-fried hotdog, and you still won’t get One Mutual Happiness.You’ll just have to come to the Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint this July during the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival when Uncle Funsy Productions presents One Mutual Happiness.

David S. Kessler (spoken word) and Rich O’Meara (music) bring you a true tale of love, community, celebration and ritual.

Ukuleles, cellos, chimes, drums, vibes…and more.

It’s about journeys; it’s about the Simpsons and the Muppets; it’s about New Jersey and Peru and the Bahamas and Kentucky; it’s about marriage equality; it’s about morphine and marijuana; it’s about the Deepwater Diner.

It’s about you and me and us.

Join the Ceremony.

We’re all in this together.

One Mutual Happiness


Team Happiness (Rich O'Meara, David S. Kessler, Jennifer Knight, Joe Musumeci, Adelaide Waldrop, and Momo Nakamura) delivers a theatrical entertainment like no other. Join us for One Mutual Happiness.

Video by David C. White




Here's a little taste from the Fringe Preview:

Meet Team Happiness

   Rich O’Meara – Composer & Performer



Rich O’Meara is most known for his compositions for marimba, which are performed throughout the world. His work has been featured on the NPR program “New Sounds” and in the PBS documentary “The Music Instinct, Science and Song”. He has received four ASCAP Plus awards.

He is co-founder of Silent Orchestra, a duo (with Carlos Garza) that creates and performs new music for classic silent films. Their work is part of many recent films and stage collaborations as well (including Fringe Fest 2014). Rich has performed with Colla ParteDan Deacon, Sandbox Percussion, Kwo’m Percussion GroupTrio OOne Earth Percussion Theatrethe Contemporary Music Forum, and has played jazz, rock and experimental music with many local artists.  He particularly enjoys joining with inspiring musicians to create freely improvised music. http://www.silentorchestra.com/



David S. Kessler – Writer & Performer


David S. Kessler has written numerous sonnets, including one in 45 minutes for WNYC’s The Next Big Thing, songs for the short-lived Fidel’s Marching Marimba Band and Diaper Service, three novels for nobody in particular, and numerous scientific papers. He spent almost four decades at the National Zoo, many of them as a small mammal biologist. Wombat Drool, his 2015 Capital Fringe show, was a surprise hit, playing to sold-out audiences.

He is eternally grateful to Team Happiness, an amazing group of creative professionals.  He is overwhelmed by the generosity of the DC area theater community and humbled by their welcoming embrace. Love and gratitude to his wife, Patricia, and his son, Benjamin, for their support and encouragement. Extra special thanks to all who allowed their stories to be told. One Mutual Happiness is dedicated to Melissa and David Arnoff.

Jennifer Knight - Director and Dramaturg


Jennifer Knight is a theater artist and writer. She is thrilled and delighted to be a part of the OMH team – many thanks to David and Uncle Funsy Productions! She co-produced, edited, and directed “POWER!” STOKELY CARMICHAEL for Capital Fringe 2015 (Winner, Director’s Choice Award). She is a company member of the acclaimed Rorschach Theatre and has had the fortune to work with Folger Theater, Arena Stage, The Hub Theater, Spooky Action, The Disreputables, Source Fest, Artists’ Initiative, Unexpected Stage Company, Tsunami Theatre, The Inkwell, and ASIA.  Her monologues and poetry have been performed at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage. She’s a graduate of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

Adelaide Waldrop – Graphic Design & Marketing


Adelaide Waldrop is an actor, director, graphic designer, and theatrical collaborator based in D.C., and she is positively thrilled to be back with Uncle Funsy for One Mutual Happiness! As part of Team Wombat, Adelaide tackled marketing, graphic design, and stage managing.  Her illustration and design for Wombat Drool even earned her a write up in The New York Times' ArtsBeat blog's 'Behind the Poster' series.  Since graduating from the University of St Andrews in 2013, Adelaide has worked on theatre in the D.C.-area with various companies, primarily dog & pony dc. She is also directing the Raye Players' 2016 production, Antigonick by Anne Carson, which opens August 12th at the Silver Spring Black Box.

Joe Musumeci – Light and Set Design


Joe Musumeci has been a set, lighting and projection designer for 30 years. Though he speaks in barely a whisper, his work loudly proclaims his artistry. He has produced designs for many theaters, including Round House, Flying V, WSC Avant Bard, Woolly Mammoth, Adventure and Metro Stage. He is currently a member of Flying V Theatre Company, Operations Manager of the Kreeger Auditorium, and proprietor of ProScenia Design. Many years ago he lived three houses away from David S. Kessler and barely managed to escape with most of his sanity intact.

Momo Nakamura – Stage Manager


Momo Nakamura is an actor and stage manager in DC/Baltimore area. She stage-managed "Power! Stokely Carmichael" last summer at Capital Fringe, and she's excited to come back as a stage manager for 2 great shows this season. Past Capital Fringe appearance includes Inaugural Election for Mrs. Jacobson's 6th Grade Class (Federal Theatre Project), R.U.X. (Surly Robot Productions), and Captain Freedom (Landless Theatre Company). She is a member of Tasty Monsters Production family, Landless Theatre Company, and Conspicuous Fire Production.