About Gwen and Ida:

MD Theatre Guide: "This is an intriguing show that explores not only art (the dialogue as Gwen paints her pictures in words is breathtaking) but women’s place in the world at large."

Theatre Bloom: "How prescient such a piece feels in our current political climate; how potent and important it is to experience such a piece of theatrical engagement, reminding us how women’s voices carry weight and importance."

About Numesthesia:

DC Theatre Scene: “While Numesthesia is, on its face, about the unexamined lives of numbers, its real value is in introducing us to a new way of looking at the world around us through another person’s very unique lens—which is the ideal to which all great theatre should strive.” 5 Stars

MD Theatre Guide: "A fascinating, fast-moving look into one man’s way of seeing the world, that raises questions about differences in perception with humor and candor."

DC Theatre Scene has this story about one of our performances and a rude cellphone.

Washington Post: "He sees numbers as people. To him, 0 through 10 are specific characters he’s known his whole life."


About One Mutual Happiness:

 DC Theatre Scene: "Tears of sadness and anger and grief, yes, but mostly joy and gratitude." " The theater fills with energy from two talented performers operating in perfect sync." 5 Stars 

 DC Theatre Scene features a sneak peek of One Mutual Happiness."

Rich O'Meara writes about his background and creative process in Bourgeon.

Playwright Stephen Spotswood: "It was a fantastic, lovely show. I think it was honestly the most joyful show about death and mortality I've ever seen."


About Wombat Drool:

Washington City Paper"Kessler delivers a vigorous and confident performance that, combined with compelling anecdotes, lulls the audience into a constant state of charm." 

DC Theatre Scene: "Wombat Drool may just be the quintessential Fringe show. It's personal, quirky, produced with nary but one actor, one slideshow, and a couple of stuffed animals." 5 Stars

The Washington Post: "Kessler's cheerily infectious wit and energy are well guided by director Jane Beard."

DC Metro Theater Arts: "Storytelling is definitely an art form only few master, and Kessler is certainly one of them."  5 Stars

The New York Times: Read all about Adelaide Waldrop's incredible Wombat Drool artwork.




Uncle Funsy Productions:  We’re Not Just Farting Around . . . Anymore