What is Wombat Drool?

K, a quirky zookeeper with infectious enthusiasm and a penchant for storytelling, has just got to tell you about Wombats, lovely Wombats. And Red Pandas. And silent German movies. And Tortoise poop. And a sleeping Siamang Gibbon. And vertigo. And Moonrat vaginas. And sex education movies. And Wombats! Join K in his digressions and diversions as he exalts the remarkably unremarkable. Drawn from David S. Kessler’s almost forty years experience at the National Zoo and from his fevered imagination, Wombat Drool is the fictional and amusing rants of a man more comfortable with animals than people, a man who spent his life behind bars with a compulsion to share what he knows and feels about his fellow cagemates and the humans on the outside. K celebrates small mammals, the forsaken and forgotten of the animal world, the misfits, the weird, the smelly. Get small with K and discover that Small Matters.

Team Wombat (Adelaide Waldrop, Jane Beard, Jason Wells, Scott Sedar and David S. Kessler) has crafted an entertainment for those who love animals, for those who don’t love animals, and for those who fall somewhere in between. Join K and be stuck up a tree with a Red Panda, harassed in the Tortoise yard, pelted by the space Chimp, cuddled by the Siamang, and the Wombat? The Wombat Drool? You’ll just have to find out for yourself at the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival.


No animals were harmed in the making of this production.